Learning Centre

Our learning centre is dedicated to help fresh graduates and experienced professionals interested in developing or sharpening their research and analytics skills required for the Business Research, Market Research, Analytics, and Consulting domain. We run various programmes that enable individuals to pursue and upgrade their career in these domains of the knowledge industry. Our wide range of programmes include introduction to research and analytics, understanding the client query, data collection and advanced searching skills, various analytical tools and methodologies, report writing and presentation, forecasting and estimation, model building, benchmarking, competitive and comparative intelligence, and project management. Some of our important learning programmes are:

Focused research and analysis - Research focused on individual company, industry, sector, segment, issues and events, strategy, event impact analysis, competitive intelligence and comparative intelligence, trends, and market dynamics.

Smart data collection methods - Smart secondary search, effective primary research techniques, data triangulation methods, as well as data extraction from various public and proprietary data base.

Data analysis  using advanced analytical tools- SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)

Modeling - Forecasting and estimation models - Sales and revenue forecasting for company/product/industry, market share forecasting, economy-based models. Data modeling and benchmarking models based on qualitative and quantitative information.

Forecasting - Forecasting techniques and forecasting routes. Macroeconomic forecast, industry sales forecast, company sales forecast, demand forecast.

Benchmarking- Competitive and comparative benchmarking